White Out

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Can I just take a step back? Can I smudge a step out, go back just a little bit? I’m tired of what I’m producing here, every photo I take I hate to then shoot it again and again, a cycle where I fret myself into a spiral. It needs to be blurred away. I need some real-life tippex, with a brush big enough to paint my creative canvas clean. Do you know what I mean? I’m going crazy over here. Everything I do here and in my freelance work, I do on my own. Saying that, my assistant she’s going mad too,bored numb of photographing the same things as we struggle to get a photo that will make me smile rather than stamp my feet. I guess I am always striving to impress myself, if a photo or a string of words I produce thrills me in a tiny way, when I know I did something good, of quality andrepresentative of what I hope to convey. I crave this feeling and it seems lately, the tyrant critic has come out in me. Like I said, its driving me crazy. So for now,  I’ll wear all white against a neutral marble wall in hopes that this tyrant telling me I’m talentless will finally step away.
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