Corporate vs. Creative Interview Attire

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I have gone on 8 interviews in the Big Apple since I arrived in May.  In 5/8 of those interviews I wore the same skirt and in 5/8 of those interviews I was offered the position.  Although I have now grown tired of this go-to interview skirt, I know it gives off the appropriate vibe for this industry and I now consider it my lucky skirt.  I feel confident when wearing it and feel as it reflects my true style.  That is how you want to feel when you go into an interview.  You want to stand out, fit the aesthetic of the position, company or industry you are trying to break into, and most importantly feel like yourself so you can shine!

An accountant and a fashion buyer are two different positions, hence they should not dress the same for an interview.  Here are some of Few Moda's best interview picks for Corporate vs. Creative positions.  I hope you find your lucky piece!


•Pretty, Conservative Blouse

(Special Collar Design Plain Blouse, www.fewmoda.com)

Instead of a basic button down, pick a pretty blouse with a little statement (such as this special collar) to let your style shine through.

•Sharp Blazer

(We Love Stripes Blazer Coat, www.fewmoda.com)

Go for a fitted blazer which is chic and feminine unlike a boring, boxy one.  

•Classic Skirt

(100% Wool Two Pleats Skirt, www.fewmoda.com)

A simple, classic skirt is perfect for an interview and matches with just about anything.


•Matching Top/Bottom Set

(Summer Gingham Print Suit, www.fewmoda.com)

Matching sets are in and always look very put together.

•Dress Shirt With A Twist

(Chevron and Gingham Splicing Shirt, www.fewmoda.com)

Don't go for the ordinary.  This button down with unique detailing is still conservative and appropriate for an interview but shows a glimpse of your creativity.

•Bold Dress

(Smart Plaid Print Dress, www.fewmoda.com)

A bold dress is... BOLD!  Show them who you are and that you mean business.

Interviews are already nerve-racking enough, that is why having a great interview outfit is key - it's one less thing to worry about!  Along with your outfit, wear confidence and you will surely land where you are supposed to be.

Good luck on your next interview!


Alexandra Howard

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