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Zhu, translated, is to live. And our Zhu girl lives. Worldly and adventurous, she works remotely so that she can chill beachside on Mykonos, or exploring the coast of Morocco. She is curious, spontaneous, and isn’t afraid of the unknown. She lives for the sun and exotic locations. She doesn’t hesitate to book a flight and run away to a new city when life gets too complacent. Her weekend plans are just as spontaneous as she is. Her wardrobe is filled with colorful prints and beachy, breezy, vacation ready pieces for her next getaway.

Bohemian silhouettes and lively prints are the hallmarks of this vacation-ready clothing line. Designed for the fearless ZHU girl who is culturally intelligent and needs expressive outfits to travel the unknown, ZHU is another addition to Few Moda’s well-priced, on-trend wardrobe essentials. Filled with mixed-print dresses and free-spirited sets in painterly colors, ZHU will enhance any warm-weather getaway.

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